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VeRO Notice

On this Futuristguy blog, I occasionally reference movies, soundtracks, novels, non-fiction books, scripts, articles, and other media.

Images of any such items used on this website are from my own personal collection. I have no affiliations with the producers or publishers of these items, or with any business selling such media.

Also, I make every effort to limit my use of images and quotes from these media to what is within “fair use” to avoid copyright infringement.

Please contact me if you are the copyright/trademark owner of any media where that you want images removed, or if you have concerns about fair-use quotations from your works, and I will comply.

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Notice About Licensed Art Images and Photographs

Art illustrations and photographs are licensed from Fotolia.com or other sources, as noted. Image details (stock number, title, artist or photographer, etc.) are noted in accordance with the licensing source.

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