Top 10 Missional Futures Research and Development Issues


I just spent much of the last hour brainstorming and Tweeting a list of issues I think are probably going to be fairly important for missional/Kingdom futures, but that require investment in research and development. The kind of R&D I’m envisioning has not exactly been a high priority in Christendom, and I’m not sure the traditional tri-focus on perspectives of theory-theology-practice is sufficient anymore.

This new kind of R&D, it seems to me, requires a blended team that goes beyond the traditional. I suspect into the theoretician-theologian-practitioner mix, we need to integrate a new triumberate: organizational systems designer/developer, strategic foresight/futurist, and culturologist. This double-trio could better help us face up to the realities of the world we now live in, and learn how to create an “intercultural connection zone” that is both socially welcoming and biblically transforming for people of any/all backgrounds.

Maybe that sounds good, maybe not. To get it off the ground would take some very imaginative investors, as it already incorporates some significant paradigm shifts toward a more integrative, holistic approach. Anyway, if anyone out there is interested in partnering on this new kind of Kingdom R&D, let me know. I’m searching … and hoping …

Meanwhile, here is my series of Tweets on Missional Futures R&D. Enjoy!

Top 10 Missional Futures Research and Development Issues

OK, so, I just feel I should list my top 10 missional futures issues in Kingdom Research & Development. Here goes, in the order they emerge.

missional futures R&D #1: How to train next generation culture readers, interpreters, & catalysts for contextualized Kingdom enterprises.

missional futures R&D #2: How to train strategic foresight/futurist practitioners who think in 4-dimensional organizational shapes & shifts.

missional futures R&D #3: Qualitative assessment of crosscultural missional impact in post-Christendom cultures. (working on this 5 yrs now)

missional futures R&D #4: Theory&practice of “dual platform” church transition, for holistic paradigm to ascend as pragmatic paradigm fades.

missional futures R&D #5: Transgenerational mentor systems that can be replicated, adapted, and transplanted. (Have we left out adapted?)

missional futures R&D #6: With increase in U.S. MULTIcultural settings, how do we shift our thinking to INTERcultural strategy & teamwork?

missional futures R&D #7: How to balance appreciative inquiry to identify our redemptive purpose with systems evaluations to find/fix flaws?

missional futures R&D #8: What existing media (films, etc.) give storylines to best transpose our faith&practice for the world as it now is?

missional futures R&D #9: How to train ALL disciples to prevent legalism, laxity, overlording, & other forms of toxicity & spiritual abuse.

missional futures R&D #10: How to disciple us all in holistic paradigms, organic systems design, anti-toxicity, & biblical sustainability.

missional futures R&D. OK-not sure those are best 10 or which for top priorities, but it is an interesting list. Anyone want to R&D partner?

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  1. I like the R&D team idea – think that’s got lots of merit. And the list of topics gives food for thought.

    Thanks for the post


    • Thanks for dropping by, Gordon. Perhaps we get a few more scattered across the globe and we could have ourselves a decentralized R&D team, virtually speaking … Brad

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