Big Milestone – Entering My 10th Year of Blogging

Well, it’s April 1st, 2012, and I’m finally entering into my 10th year of blogging.

Who woulda guessed that some old guy like me would have blogged his way into the final year of an entire decade?

And yes, I did officially begin my first blog – beyondposthuman on blogspot, to be exact – on April Fool’s Day of 2003. [Yea, verily, make of that what thou willt.] At the insistence of my friends Andrew Jones and Shannon Hopkins, and with the encouragement and well-wishes of Austinian friends and co-WabiSabians, I did.

And now here I am, at least 300,000 words later (not all of ’em necessarily worth readin’), and this my 300th post on my WordPress futuristguy blog, but glad to have been on this journey.

Come to think of it, I suspect that all kinds of unexpected milestones happen when we go on providential journeys of growth to understand and live out how we’ve been designed. And so it is that 2012 has even more milestones than just my entering the last leg of a blogging decade. For instance:

Four years ago I started processing in depth the difficult church and ministry experiences that form the base of a forthcoming book on spiritual abuse, malignant ministry, and recovery.

Five years ago I completed juggling my many jobs at the seminary, where I’d had immense opportunities to analyze what flies and what fails in organic/organizational work.

Ten years ago I donated my car to a non-profit, and have not owned an auto since.

Twelve years ago I suffered from a severe fever for over a week, with no identifiable cause, but that is the only thing I can trace back to as the source of losing my ability to do advanced mathematics …it utterly burned out that part of my brain and now I struggle with basic additional, subtraction, multiplication, and division. (Thankfully, theoretical geometry is still in place, and I use those skills regularly!) (But they certainly aren’t of much practical use during tax season.)

Fifteen years ago I wrote my first attempt at reformulating a standard seminary master’s degree using narrative theology, an interdisciplinary approach, and an integrative paradigm.

Twenty-five years ago I made my last international trip.

Forty years ago I started a practice of volunteering, and began with serving as a high school student reporter on city council and school board meetings, an activities assistant with a senior citizens’ program, and student leader for a youth employment service. Within two years, I’d had the opportunity to write my first non-profit profile and strategic plan, and less than a year later, to carry out a transition plan to make the agency more sustainable. Those highly unusual opportunities then shaped all that I am still doing now … wow!

Sometimes it’s a good thing to review from whence we’ve come, because it’s a trail of telling stories about who God’s made us to be … And hey, the milestone on blogging is cool, but the larger understanding of self and others I’ve gained through blogging is the real achievement – – no joke!

Thanks Andrew, Shannon, and my other blogging instigator friends. Your gentle pushes in this direction have ultimately helped me better “get it” about who I am, and blogging has given me something constructive to keep me focused when energy was in short supply. I am grateful …


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