Opal Design Curriculum Update

I think the “meta-editing” is finalized for my curriculum on missional ministry design/development. I’ve integrated the original eight books into two courses. Now I’m working diligently to finish the editing on Course #1. Lord willing, it will be ready to release this September. I’m hoping then to go to the Sentralized Conference, September 27-29, and enjoy some time with friends old and new. (The last conference I attended was over five years ago, on organic church.)

It seems things are on course for teaching my material with live interactive presentations starting late this year or early in 2013 … but depends on finding a venue and sponsor organization that can take care of set-up details. And I’ve slated the editing for Course #2 to wrap up in 2013, and after that, I’ll tackle the Missional Metrics Resource Suite … which is actually the material I’ve most looked forward to producing!

Thanks for your prayers … the finish line is closer every day! For details on the material, check out the pages at the top of my *futuristguy* blog:

* Opal Design Introduction ~ Overview of what makes this approach unique.

Opal Design Training Course #1 ~ Safe Houses for God’s People (deconstructing systems of spiritual abuse).

Opal Design Training Course #2 ~ Opal Design for Robust Ministries (constructing organizations that are safe, holistic, and sustainable).

* Opal Design Metrics Suite ~ (missional metrics systems, plus assessment and self-discovery tools).

* Opal Design Research and Development – the opal metaphor for integrative paradigms and teamwork, and some of the technical concepts behind the entire system.