Guest Post at The Wartburg Watch on Gender and Sexuality

In case you’re interested, I submitted this guest post to The Wartburg Watch (TWW) for a series they just started yesterday, on personal and societal issues dealing with homosexuality. The TWW blog focuses on cultural trends in Christianity, especially dealing with spiritual abuse. I’ve been commenting on posts there for most of this year. So, when I saw they were addressing the current subject, I offered to share my own story plus some of the ministry I’ve done in the arenas of gender identity and sexuality. It turned out to be a fairly long piece, and I think this is about the most I’ve written on the subject in over 10 years.

I would really appreciate prayer that I could respond well to comments and questions that people pose, and also in as timely a way as possible. (I am in the middle of finishing up two grant proposals, and also am starting another writing gig – – about chocolate(!) of all things! Plus other foods and gift products. Hopefully they send lots of samples …)  I have no idea what to expect for comments on this blog post, but will just pray, discern, and write to respond as best I can.

This topic is important to me, as is my writing about surviving spiritual abuse. I made a commitment a long time ago to do what I could when I could to try to make the way easier for those who follow after and deal with similar issues of gender and sexuality. But I have already written the equivalent of about a 40-page paper in the past few days and my brain could use a break that a nice cuppa coffee simply cannot cover. Anyway, I am trusting in a power not my own to get me through … as always.