Note: “Calvinistas” Post Updated

January is "Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month"

January is “Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month”

I have significantly updated an article I posted a month ago, overviewing the neo-Reformed movement that has been termed “Calvinistas.” Several friends told me that Definition and Description of the Term “Calvinistas” was too technical for them — which is how the first drafts of articles often emerge from my virtual pen. But my goal is to be as accessible as possible, even on technical topics. So I went back through it several times this week to re-edit it. Hopefully you’ll find the language more accessible, and more understandable because of descriptions I’ve added about what the neo-Reformed paradigm it is and isn’t.

The article introduces the militant “Calvinistas” movement; overviews some core issues in its ideology; and examines its typical authoritarian pyramid of privilege, its mission, and some of what distinguishes it from other contemporary movements in the post-Christendom era. It concludes with why our understanding this movement is vitally important for the health and future of the church in North America.

Also, please note that I DO NOT label all Calvinist/Reformed theologians as “Calvinistas.” There are very specific “markers” that identify the differences between the two.