Huge News on Curriculum Project

Huge news here. FINALLY – I have the first drafts done on the ENTIRE series of 6 books in my Opal Design Systems curriculum! It’s all about developing safe and sustainable transformational ministries in our postmodern, pluralistic, post-Christendom culture. This first-draft stage took 5 years for filing off the excess and writing to fill in gaps to make the series as accessible as possible, keep to the essentials, and amplify it with media (graphs, charts, graphic art illustrations, immersion learning exercises, and movie case studies that show the ideas in action).

Part of what kept extending the timeframe on the project was that I had to get all 6 books done at the first-draft stage before I could go back through in order, #1 through #6, for the last round of editing. (Even for people like me who are predominantly random in our learning styles, some things just do have to be done in sequence!)

So, after I complete a long and lingering list of small to-do items in the next few days, I’ll start the FINAL editing on Books #1 and #2 on July 10th. Planning to work part-time on them the next 4 months, getting them revised, reviewed, and ready for print-on-demand publishing.

NOTE: I will be off-line and unplugged a lot, from now through October. So if you email or message me and don’t get a quick answer, that’s why.

Hopefully, my next major update will have news on how to order these books! Meanwhile, thanks so much to those who have been praying I would have stamina and encouragement on this project, and to those who’ve supported me in many ways behind the scenes. I started this curriculum in 1991, I’m almost done, and now seems the timing is providentially ripe for the content to be relevant. Huzzah! Hoorah! Hooray!

And have a great summer all y’all …

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