“Launch CD-ROM Notes” Goes Live!

CD / DVD data storage Concept, Fotolia #46016849, © Nmedia and licensed to Brad Sargent/futuristguy.

CD / DVD data storage Concept, Fotolia #46016849, © Nmedia and licensed to Brad Sargent/futuristguy.

Hear ye, hear ye! I’ve just gone-live with my latest futuristguy media blog, Launch CD-ROM Notes!

It’s my latest building block in a series of media blogs related to my training curriculum on “designing and organizing for holistic social change with a systems perspective, intercultural paradigm, and interdisciplinary processes.” Each site focuses on something specific that deals with concepts and skills for understanding culture and organizations. I already have websites related to The Lord of the Rings (types of games that appeal to people’s different learning styles) and Harry Potter (social impact of young adult book/movie series) and Max Headroom (cultural fads, short-term trends, and long-term trends that shape the course of the future). Stay tuned … next is a blog about the Animerica magazine series, and the impact of Japanese anime and manga.

Anyway, Launch was one of the more successful digital magazines (aka “digizines”). It ran from 1995-2001 and then was absorbed into Yahoo! Music.

I’m most interested in how Launch used the idea of a virtual cityscape to create a digital environment for entertainment and learning. Launch was promoted as an interactive source for music, movies, and video games. It featured exclusive performances, interviews and interactions with some of the leading and “next-thing” singers, bands, and actors of the time. The format has you explore the Launch City metropolis … go to a swank café to hear “live” performances by musicians, or to a diner to choose your tunes on an interactive jukebox, or to a movie theatre for the latest previews, or to the game room to try out the latest demos, or … Well, you get the drift – immersion in a stylized 3D city where you could be as chic or as geek as your entertainment drives dictated!

And there is a “so what?” purpose to all of that “whatever” content. For those of us who are older and were raised in a far more linear-logic world, this vintage multimedia series offers an opportunity to experience a “nonlinear, intuitive” immersion learning environment. And that is crucial for understanding the mindset of the digital generations and how they process information – their entire formative culture was steeped in randomly interconnected and intuitive elements. So, it’s crucial if we are intentional about passing on the legacy of our organizations and ministries in ways that give next generations of intuitive leaders the flexibility they’ll need to sustain what we’ve invested.

Anyway, check it out. See what you think. Search for “launch cd-rom” on eBay, buy one, and experience it for yourself – and reflect on how this kind of a system or some similar metaphor could be used to capture important information you hope to pass on to next generations …


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  1. Guess I’m too old, but this doesn’t sound like my kind of thing. I hope it’s successful, though.

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