New Page: Resources for Research-Writing on Spiritual Abuse

I’ve just posted a new page at the top of my blog, Resources for Research/Writing on Situations of Spiritual Abuse. For a long time, I’ve wanted to collect together bits and pieces of research writing I’ve done on technical topics that keep cropping up in the spiritual abuse survivor communities. And I finally got that together.

I still have a few sections to add, but this covers most of what I think will be helpful to pass on to next waves of people who are considering how to share their own accounts of surviving spiritual abuse, “citizen journalist” bloggers, case study writers, church-change social activists, etc. Here are the topics covered:

  1. Key Legal and IRS Problems for Tax-Exempt Non-Profits
  2. Filing a Complaint/Referral with the IRS Against a Tax-Exempt Non-Profits
  3. Types of “Threshold of Evidence” Required / Spoliation of Evidence
  4. Child Abuse and Neglect / Child Sexual Abuse
  5. Recording Phone Calls and Conversations
  6. Sexual Harassment / Hostile Work Environment
  7. “Citizen Journalists,” Blog Reports, Digital Dissent
  8. SLAPP and Anti-SLAPP Lawsuits
  9. Documenting and Writing Your Account of Spiritual Abuse

NOTE: This page is meant to be informational and motivational, to give a framework and some key links for starting your own research projects. The content at the linked pages may not be the most current available, so don’t rely solely on their information. Also, the material here is NOT meant to be legal advice. If you have legal issues, see a lawyer who can help you with the relevant local, state, and federal laws.