Watch for This Book by Deb Hirsch on Sexuality and Spirituality …

Deb Hirsch has a book due to be released from InterVarsity Press in May 2015. I have no doubt that it will become one of the most important books of the decade on the integration of gender, sexuality, and spirituality, because of her unparalleled perspective drawing from both personal life and ministry.

I first met Deb 20 years ago at an international forum on sexuality issues and recovery, and then reconnected with her almost a decade ago when I became more involved in the missional ministry movement in which she and her husband Alan are pioneers. Deb’s been working very long term on this book, and from all I know of her, I expect she will present a deeply informed and challenging integration of these very relevant topics.

Deb is an author I gladly promote, and I’d encourage you to sign up for IVP updates on Redeeming Sex: Naked Conversations About Sexuality and Spirituality. Also, see this preview from Brad Brisco, which includes an intriguing excerpt on how Deb connects spirituality and sexuality.

Congrats Deb … looking forward to reviewing your book!