Please Participate in New Research Survey on Positive/Negative Experiences in Christian Religious Institutions

I occasionally hear through the online grapevine about academic-level research being done on issues related to survivors of spiritual abuse. When I do, I make what efforts I can to participate myself, and to encourage others to do likewise.

The following overview and link comes from Kathryn Keller Lamar, who has created an original survey as part of her doctoral dissertation research. I did the online survey this morning, and it only took me something like just 20 minutes.

One thing I especially appreciated was that you can respond to situations that involved wherever you experienced what you did – church, ministry or small group, Christian non-profit, etc. So the survey is relevant, regardless of the type of organization we were dealing with.

I believe it is well worth our investing in Kathryn’s research project, and I expect some very useful analysis to come out of her work. Here is her overview and invitation — please participate and let your networks know – help her reach the threshold number of surveys she needs! Thanks … Brad

If you are interested in supporting academic research on spiritual abuse, you are invited to complete the following survey for a doctoral dissertation on spiritual abuse. Feel free to contact the researcher, Kathryn Keller Lamar, for any questions about the study or for general conversation about the topic of spiritual abuse (see contact info in the link).

The academic literature seems to be lagging behind popular culture’s discussion on spiritual abuse (via blogs, Facebook, etc.), so please help us “catch up” so we can better understand it. Kathryn is a psychology student at Texas Woman’s University and intends to use this study to enhance clinical work as well as further research. The following link will direct you to the survey. It takes less than 30 minutes. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Please Participate in New Research Survey on Positive/Negative Experiences in Christian Religious Institutions

  1. Hi! Even if spiritual abuse doesn’t apply to you, I need people with all experiences – positive and negative – to take the survey. This helps enhance the reliability of it. It’s kind of like if you develop a depression screening tool, you’d want depressed and non-depressed people to take it to make sure it’s truly capturing depression. So feel free to take it if you want…or not! 🙂

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