Project Updates for December

I just finished writing an update on my Do Good Plus Do No Harm project, and realized I hadn’t posted the previous one here, only on my Facebook page. So, here’s catching up with the news.

Early December Update

Significant progress the past few weeks on the workbook and overall project.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my God-given design is to write encyclopedias. (Some here probably realized that way before I did.) However, the calling for this book project has also clearly been to create a scaled-back “field guide.” So, throughout the production of this training course, I’ve had some major issues to figure out:

(1) How large the various pieces should be in the book versus workbook sections.

(2) How to fit different elements — text, images, case studies, “lab work” exercises — together in a way that makes sense and isn’t overwhelming.

(3) How to balance the needs of two interconnected audiences: survivors of various kinds of organizational power abuse, and different types of organizational developers.

(4) How to keep it a reasonable length, and make the language practical and accessible instead of too academic.

The combination of answers has eluded me for years. But — good news — it seems I’ve leaped over that last pothole in this steeplechase at last! The issue of the workbook was the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place, I feel like I *finally* have a workable format.

After a couple weeks focusing on the workbook, I spent a whole week getting files and folders for that framework ready, and now I’m in the process of pasting *hundreds* of pieces into their slot to get them ready for a final editing.

I’m feeling encouraged and even more a bit more energized than usual. And it’s getting exciting to know the finish line is very close!

Meanwhile, thanks again to everyone for your encouragement and support, and hope you all have a meaningful Advent season …

Mid-December Update

This has been a low-key day of multi-tasking on odds and ends, much needed after a number of high-intensity weeks on the book project and eBay sales listings. I’ve often said that most writing/editing days are like taking two college essay exam finals. It just takes time to recuperate mentally. But this project has been like two essay finals a day, four days a week, 50 weeks a year, seven years. Hence, need to steward energy well by taking down time regularly.

So, to chill out, today I’ve been copying and pasting notes into the right file for the chapter it fits with. While watching the X-Men movie series. Which I’ve seen a kazillion times, more or less, so I can fade in and out on them and not exactly lose the plot line. And it keeps these characters in mind, which is good since I’m using X-Men as a case study in opposing teams where one has a mission for the “common good” (led by Professor Xavier) and the other has a mission for the “greater good” (led by Magneto). Lots to material to compare/contrast in that case study, and apply to contemporary situations …

Meanwhile, the files and folders are set up for chugging through editing together the rest of the chapters. I’ve gotten the 200+ films I reference categorized and shelved. Most of the 8 to 10 boxes of books I might refer to are reorganized. So, it’s doing whatever tasks I can on a given day to persevere and make progress toward the finish line. And today, it’s fighting off fatigue by multi-tasking with the X-Men.

Hope you have a great rest of the year and a super start to 2016!

2016 — the year this project gets finished and printed, Lord willing! And thanks for your prayers along the way …


4 thoughts on “Project Updates for December

  1. Sounds like what you’re writing should be helpful to lots of people. But be careful about copyright laws in using X-men.

    • Thanks, Jan … I’m hoping it will make a difference. And reminders about copyright always in order! I make efforts to do fact-checking, stay within “fair use” boundaries in sharing quotes, and exercise care in making clear when I’m expressing an opinion. It’s been helpful to use the same rules for “virtual” characters as for investigative reporting on real-world public figures and celebrities.

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