Project Update ~ Book-writing as Marathon

In a conversation about my book project that I had with a long-time friend (40+ years!), it suddenly struck me that marathons are 26+ miles and I started the research for this 26+ years ago. The project has morphed countless times since 1990, but has been on a solid trajectory the past few years.

As I go into editing the next set of chapters, *The Big Prayer* I have is that the Lord will use this to make a difference in people’s lives. The first set of chapters were the core concepts, now the application stuff starts rolling!

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten many bits and pieces for the bibliography section done, along with the framework for a related resources/media materials website, and typed up another one-inch stack of notes. Progress, slow but steady, and it really does add up over time.

Also, the more I review the source materials — the more struck I am by what a providential set of case studies I was led to over a long period of time. The major ones run the gamut from Young Adult Literature series (Divergent, Harry Potter, The Selection, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, X-Men), to Holocaust and Apartheid studies, to the Band Aid/Live Aid and Make Poverty History charities. As a set, it deals with all the essentials I think are involved when it comes to “Do Good Plus Do No Harm.” It incorporates basic discernment principles and practical application tools about:

  • Healthy versus toxic leaders and organizational systems.
  • Freedom versus control tactics.
  • Responsibility for the traumas of abuse, recovery and advocacy for survivors of abuse, and activism to challenge or change abusive systems.
  • How we can transform organizations for the better.
  • How to look at what next generations experience from the legacies we leave.

And all of them together reinforce the “big idea” of dealing with this as a system where all these elements are interconnected.

So, I keep plugging along, as best I can. Tenacity is the name of the game — especially in a marathon!


3 thoughts on “Project Update ~ Book-writing as Marathon

    • I trust so. And what I find intriguing is that the story of how the training materials came into being — and got completed — is just as much a part of the training context as the content itself is. If we aren’t so good at persevering, should we be entrepreneuring complex projects or non-profit organizations? Hopefully, the fact that I finish this will speak to what personal advocates and social change agents need to have sustainable ministries.

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