March 4th and MARCH FORTH!

Today and this weekend, I’ll be able to spend quite a bit of time working on my book project, Do Good Plus Do No Harm. I’ve already gotten most of the bits and pieces of text sorted into the appropriate main folders (18 chapters), and created the “stem” file to compile all the material into order within that chapter.

Next, I have to go through all the subfolders (usually 5 to 8 per chapter) to mesh all the bits and pieces of information in those, and put the results into the stem file.

Then I’ll list the articles in each stem file so I have a reference table of contents ready for when I start shifting articles around.

Then, edit the stem files.

Then sort out the individual articles into the four major compartments:

  • FIELD GUIDE (short articles on essential topics, with many art illustrations.
  • INDICATORS (how-to’s for measuring what matters for trustworthy versus toxic leaders and organizations).
  • WORKBOOK (case studies, media studies, simulation games).
  • RESOURCES (longer articles and descriptions for those who want more information).

Then, carefully catalog the numbers and titles of the 250 to 300 art illustrations I’ll need to license.

Then, carefully catalog the titles of 200-250 films, and 150-200 books I reference.

And then, voila! Just about done!

At this stage with such a complex project, a lot of “writing” actually turns out to be file management and digital glue. Who knew?

I don’t expect to be able to get this all done in one weekend, but maybe in one month. We’ll see. But regardless, this means I’m *many* steps closer to the finish line!

Hip-hip-hooray and hallelujah! And now, time for a break and an inspirational chit-chat with Mr Coffee …