Project Update: May 2016 ~ Part 2. And 1 Last Push for the Finish Line …

With the development of the three items I shared in Part 1 of my update, I’ve come to a natural stopping point to evaluate what’s next. And after a few days of praying about it, and discussions with several close friends, here’s what I’ve concluded: I need to try for one last push to get this first book project over the finish line by mid-July.

I started editing the series in January 2009, and would greatly appreciate prayer for getting this first book done! The material is relevant to real-world spiritual abuse problems that people keep asking me about, and I’m able to articulate answers better and more quickly these days. My revised outline is in very good shape, and I have about half of the chapters/articles done. I have a stack of other bits and pieces on the concepts and film studies, ready to type up, paste together, and polish into the final draft.

Also, the timing feels crucial. I have one priority client I’m editing for periodically right now. I’ve worked with her on many world-changing projects over the past 10 years, and she needs to wrap up her current projects by mid-July. I’ll have large gaps in between periods of editing for her, so I can work on my project. Also, I have no other projects scheduled until later this summer. And, I know from experience that the hotter the weather gets, the lower my ability to concentrate and my stamina to write for long hours.

So, this two-month time frame seems optimal. I really could get done in July if it’s possible to keep going now. It’s always way harder to restart after a long stall than it is to keep rolling. But my main problem is that I don’t have the finances to get through this period. In fact, I’ve used up my financial reserves and am quickly getting behind. I am reposting the GoFundMe link to the fund-raising campaign that Dee Parsons and Deb Martin at The Wartburg Watch and Julie Anne Smith at Spiritual Sounding Board graciously started for me in November 2015. That helped immensely by raising enough for a couple months toward finishing the project. If you are led to give, great. If not, no worries. But I would definitely appreciate prayer for this one last push …

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Thanks — Brad