Random Moment: My First Shoe-Selfies!

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Hey all y’all – I bought shoes! A friend sent me a gift for my birthday. I told them I’d do something fun with part of it (pizza, DVDs, books), plus something practical – like socks.

Well, it ended up that I bought shoes instead of socks. I’d completely worn through the soles of my previous set of Sketchers, and the add-on insert insoles from Rite-Aid were starting to go, too. After only – what? Like, only five or six years? Outrageous.

Anyway, I figure that you can’t get a reasonable pair of heavy-duty shoes for less than $50-60, so that was my budget guideline. Shoe shopping is torturous for me, as my feet are narrow, and it’s hard to find a fit. So, I always have to wear two pairs of socks – hence, my perpetually frequent need for socks – in order not to slosh around in my shoes all the time.

I like Fluevogs, so that was what I was going for. Johnny Fluevog is a Canadian shoe designer, and from all I’ve read, he is conscientious about using eco-friendly materials and socially responsible manufacturing. I’ve had great good fortune with the Fluevog fit in the past, so I rummaged around eBay and put in a bid on a pair I liked. Hardly used. Sorta clunky and definitely funky. All-purpose for walking and hanging out and such-like. And, shockingly, my bid eventually won! Hoorah!

They arrived this Monday and turned out to be all I’d hoped for. Good fit, sturdy but flexible, truly comfortable. And the shoes and shipping had only cost me the amazingly low price of $38! A day or so later, it occurred to me that Fluevogs must have a website. Sure enough, turns out these shoes are a relatively recent design named “Will” … and cost $200!

What a blessing, and not just a bargain (glad as I was for that). I was so excited that I decided to take my first ever selfies … of my shoes (note the multi-sock look) … and write fittingly about the experience. This truly was a bright spot in a month that has been more than a bit dismal, what with being sick on the Fourth of July and missing the Gs’ annual BBQ Bash, then my internet connection going out for a full week due to an outside wiring glitch, and then feeling crummy for a week from reactions to booster and vaccination shots.

Grateful to have comfortable shoes, a providential gift from a great friend! So now I walk on good “Will,” which has one of those famous trademark Fluevog angels and his signature embedded in the sole, which states: “Future Angel. Your sole will direct your future.”

P.S. There must be an art to shoe-selfies, but I don’t think I’ve got that down yet.

A Bit More of the Backstory:

I used to have a pair of Fluevog 7-angel flame shoes (the ultra-rare black and burgundy ones), but had to sell ’em to pay bills. Oh well. That’s how I know Fluevogs are excellent quality. Here’s a link to the Flueseum archives, the black with red flame edition.

And actually, I was introduced to Fluevogs in the mid-1990s by Andrew and Debbie Jones, who wore the Fluevog 7-angel swirl boots – technically, the Derby Swirl boots. The soles on the 7-angel shoes and boots state they: “Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.”

And I found the photos from my black-and-burgundy Flame Fluevogs! (Since I sold them on eBay, I had to take pictures to post there.) These Flames had “The Seventh Heaven Sole” with the seven angels. The soles say: “Resists alkalai, water, acid, fatigue, Satan. Névea Tree Latex. Walk in Peace.” See for thine self via the shoe-selfies!


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