Another Project Update: Start That Final Countdown for Finishing Field Guide #1!


It’s a good thing that I’ve gotten as many “dominoes” as possible lined up toward all the pre-publication stuff on my 7-volume Field Guide Series. Because, a couple days ago …

I received an unexpected financial gift that covers most of my bills for September and October! (It was in the mail late last week, and happened to arrive the same days I posted my last update – August 28th.) I am thankful, and excited – this means I should be able to finish up at least the first volume in my book project, and maybe the second.

So – the final countdown starts today! I have client work scheduled over the next few months, and will write on my own project in between that. Here’s what I have left for Field Guide #1:

  • 2 content chapters to finish editing
  • 2 workbook/teamwork chapters to write
  • 2 interviews to conduct with people whose profession involves work with systems and toxicity
  • 1 “master class” chapter to write, integrating everything in Field Guide #1 and setting up volume #2

I’ll post progress updates periodically … meanwhile, thanks for your prayers!

~ Brad


  • Pray I would be listening carefully for the Spirit’s leading. It would be all too easy to go on “editing auto-pilot,” just to get the thing done as quickly as possible. But I’ve often figured out later from readers’ feedback that the final stages were when material got added that ended up being especially important in ministering to them.
  • Physical stamina and mental clarity. It’s been a rough year healthwise, and I’ve been battling worse fatigue than usual.

4 thoughts on “Another Project Update: Start That Final Countdown for Finishing Field Guide #1!

    • 🙂 Thanks, Jan … I would never, ever have gotten this far along without the prayers and encouragement of *awesome* people like you! Which I think is true for all Christian writers, and so, especially with long-term projects, I always recommend writers develop a prayer/support team in addition to a critique/feedback network. 🙂

      • I don’t think I’m awesome, but I agree with the rest of what you said. Without the prayers and support I’ve gotten from others I’d never have gotten as far as I have. I’ll probably never make a lot of money writing, but I’ve heard of several times when my writing has helped people. That makes it worthwhile.

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