Futuristguy’s Field Guides — Essentials Tutorials #1 and #2

In 2007, I started a phase of research writing that required me to process deeply my multiple experiences of spiritual abuse. Half a dozen situations with malgnant people and toxic organizations had eaten up nearly 20 years of my then 35 years in churches and ministries.

As I detailed what I’d experienced and began analyzing them, I started seeing that some of these situations did not fit what seemed to be the usual pattern. In fact, some had more in common with global societies and intense subjects I had been studying, some of them since the 1980s. The footprint of some abusive systems I’d experienced was more control by compliance to rules and regulations (like the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc). Some exerted control by chaos where nothing was predictable (like the Chinese Cultural Revolution). Some had especially charismatic leaders who could convince you of just about anything (like Jim Jones with The Peoples Temple). And some functioned off of competition among leaders and/or members (like how Hitler treated the top leaders in his regime).

I started seeing other patterns, and also pathways that led from small-scale situations and organizations all the way to large-scale “industrial complexes” and totalitarian societies. So it wasn’t just all about individual bullies. Some had more elements of institutions. Still others had elements of ideology (like Apartheid, and racism in America). All of this, combined with my work and volunteer experiences with non-profits regularly since the early 1970s, forged in me a systems perspective on forms of abuse and societal oppression.

Now that the first Field Guide in my “Do Good Plus Do No Harm” training series is due to be released this summer, I thought I would introduce the material by boiling down key points into an “Essentials” series of tutorials. To keep it as short as possible, I worked in PowerPoint instead of in Word and limited myself to about 10 slides per tutorial. I found this process forced me to focus on what is most important.

See what you think of this experiment — I’d appreciate your feedback! There are 20 slides total in Essentials #1 and #2, plus a Review/Preview slide at the end. I’ve numbered the slides for easier reference, in case you have comments on particular topics or certain slides.

And for those who prefer “long form” reads, I give links to some articles most relevant to Essentials #1 and #2 at the bottom of this post.

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Tentative Tutorials in Series 1:

  • Essentials #1 Three core individual freedoms, drawn from global sources.
  • Essentials #2 The road to institutionalization via reversing of our freedoms.
  • Essentials #3 Categorizing many specific manipulation techniques into a “Taxonomy of Toxic Tactics.”
  • Essentials #4 Increasingly restrictive individual conditioning.
  • Essentials #5 Increasingly restrictive institutional control.
  • Essentials #6 What this looks like in a “totalist psychology” social control by ideological conformity, including four variations on total control organizations/societies.
  • Essentials #7 A series of increasingly large organizational forms that lead from an organizational “Pyramid of Abuse” to a “Totalist Machine.”

UPDATE June 04, 2018. I have changed my plans and instead of the 10-slide series, see this post on my Futuristguy’s Field Guides blog: Field Guide “Essentials” — A Series of Three-Frame Tutorials. This “Essentials” post has a series of three-frame tutorials, or “Threetorials,” as I have sometimes called them. In the 10 Threetorials posted, the first slide usually gives a definition of the concept framework, or a summary quote about it. The second slide usually gives some kind of visual image, chart, or graphic, plus a few details. (Note my Fotolia licensing information at the bottom of such slides.) The third slide expands on some of the most important points in the first two slides. Material from the longer/10-slide versions will be incorporated in the Field Guides.

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Essentials Slide 01

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Essentials Slide 02

Essentials Slide 03

Essentials Slide 04

Essentials Slide 05

Essentials Slide 06

Essentials Slide 07

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Essentials Slide 08

Essentials Slide 09

Essentials Slide 10

Essentials Slide 11

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Essentials Slide 12

Essentials Slide 13

Essentials Slide 14

Essentials Slide 15

Essentials Slide 16

Essentials Slide 17

Essentials Slide 18

Essentials Slide 19

Essentials Slide 20

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Essentials #1 and #2 Review-Preview

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    • Thanks Seneca … I’m almost done with the next set of tutorials, and hope the eventual set will provide a good basic grasp of how to analyze bullying at the personal, organizational, and societal levels. Been studying this stuff for a very long time and this distills out what I think are key concept frameworks.

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