Futuristguy’s Field Guide “Essentials” – Three-Frame Tutorials on Dealing with Systemic Abuse

On my Futuristguy’s Field Guides site, I’ve posted Field Guide “Essentials” — A Series of Three-Frame Tutorials on Dealing with Systemic Abuse. This “Essentials” post has a series of three-frame tutorials, or “Threetorials,” as I have sometimes called them. In the 10 Threetorials posted, the first slide usually gives a definition of the concept framework, or a summary quote about it. The second slide usually gives some kind of visual image, chart, or graphic, plus a few details. (Note my Fotolia licensing information at the bottom of such slides.) The third slide expands on some of the most important points in the first two slides.

The tutorials there include the shorter versions of these 10-frame Essentials that I posted here on my futuristguy site:

Futuristguy’s Field Guides — Essentials Tutorials #1 and #2. [Essentials #1 is three core individual freedoms, drawn from global sources. Essentials #2 is The road to institutionalization via reversing of our freedoms.]

Futuristguy’s Field Guides — Essentials Tutorial #3. [Essentials #3 is Categorizing many specific manipulation techniques into a “Taxonomy of Toxic Tactics.”]



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