PDF Reference Guide to the “Do Good Plus Do No Harm” Training Series

Just posted: PDF Reference Guide for my training series on “Do Good Plus Do No Harm.” This was the last chunk of work I needed to complete before going into sabbatical mode until 2020.

Futuristguys Field Guides – Series Reference Guide – Version 1, Sept. 2019

This document overviews content components and curriculum outcomes for the entire training series, then details the 2 Courses in the Futuristguy’s Field Guides series.

It lists “essentials” (concept frameworks, key charts, major case studies) for each of 4 Field Guides, and all 72 chapter FAQs I address. The Reference Guide also gives one-paragraph summaries for all chapters in Course 1 (Field Guides #1 and #2) on Deconstructing Sick Systems and for all 13 “proof of concept” case studies that apply the concepts to relevant situations in history or media. I’ll update the Guide when I’m ready to finalize Course 2 on (Re)Constructing Robust Systems.

So–this is the “espresso” of what it’s taken me 13 years of developing, writing, and editing to produce! I estimate that I’ve spent 1,000 hours a year minimum on the project–20 hours a week x 50 weeks a year–and that it will total 500,000 words in the 4 book/workbook Field Guides plus the companion website and related case studies.

I already have about half the content finalized, a quarter of it at the first-draft stage, and a quarter outlined but needing to fill it in.

Which all helps explain why I’m taking two weeks a month off for the rest of the year to rest, and will be minimizing how much I’m on social media. I’m feeling totally whooped, but I’m also happily saying, “Yippity-skippity and zippity-whoopie!”