The SBC, One Year on from the Start of the “Abuse of Faith” Series

SOURCE: Twitter thread from February 11, 2020.

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Starting 1 year ago, #AbuseOfFath set off truth-sparks that flipped #SBC gaslighting on systemic abuse into gas-igniting. Facts burned away fakery they’d hid behind and got their static conversation off dead center. They can’t go back, only forward or down.


For parallel resources curated from abuse survivor communities and bloggers, check out this bibliography post on Spiritual Sounding Board. It gives extensive research links to the individuals and institutions mentioned in the inaugural article on #SBC #AbuseOfFaith.

While most SBC entities progressed some, there are still no public statements from several entities, and the cause of abuse prevention apparently has made only small statistic advances in the network. Here’s a one-year update from Christianity Today:

SBC Recalls ‘Year of Waking Up’ Since Abuse Investigation, by David Roach (Christianity Today; February 10, 2020). “Attention turns to a committee that could identify offending churches, a new measure put in place following the landmark Houston Chronicle series.”

For additional research/resources, my SBC Abuse Solutions website is a compilation and reorganization of material I’ve posted the past few years on SBC systemic abuse and practical solutions.

This “calls for action” post overviews the challenges of the SBC, from my perspective as a long-time research writer on abuse-related issues, plus includes my call to them to get rolling and keep going.

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