Long-Form Case Study: Mennonites and the Legacy of John Howard Yoder

I have just posted a page on this blog with a long-form case study on The Mennonites and the Legacy of John Howard Yoder.

The past 3 years, I have been worked periodically on this extended case study about how the Mennonite denomination dealt with the aftermath of celebrity theologian John Howard Yoder’s sexual abuse and the systemic problems his misconduct brought about. It has three sections:

1. Overview of the denomination’s process for investigation, lamentation, and remediation.

2. Self-study resources — links to key sources for news reports, articles, and analysis from the denominational point of view.

3. Sources of critique on the denomination’s process, showing where there may be gaps, overfocus, and significant differences on perspectives and conclusions about Yoder and his legacy.

As I note at the end of the case study page, “I hope this study has helped clarify the main questions emerging in our Christian culture from the case of John Howard Yoder; emphasized important points toward developing nuanced answers; and encouraged you to dig deeper in dynamics of investigating, lamenting, and remediating situations of systemic abuse.”

I felt an urgency to complete the compilation and get this posted, as I believe it will provide a base of what is overall a constructive process for addressing systemic abuse in a sizeable institution. This becomes especially relevant in light of the news from this past weekend of the L’Arche International independent investigation into sexual abuse by its founder, Jean Vanier.

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