NARCISSISM NOTES #8–Book Review Links for *When Narcissism Comes To Church* by Chuck DeGroat


When Narcissism Comes To Church: Healing Your Community From Emotional and Spiritual Abuse, by Chuck DeGroat (InterVarsity Press; release date March 17, 2020).

I’m still processing my own review, which I plan to post around the official book release date. But if your interest has been piqued, you’ll find many reviews already available online — both official Endorsement Reviews and reader reviews. More will be available on/after the launch date of March 17th, as some sales sources do not post reader reviews until the official release date.

From being on Chuck DeGroat‘s launch team, I know a broad range of people are dedicating themselves to reading and reviewing his book. These include both men and women, from multiple generations, with personal and professional backgrounds that may include being a: pastor, church staff member, abuse survivor or family member, therapist-counselor-clinician, spiritual formation director, teacher, professor, leadership trainer, church planter, researcher, blogger, and/or book author.

Check out their reviews — the composite of these many perspectives provides a significant sense of how exceptionally relevant for all kinds of disciples that When Narcissism Comes To Church is!

And feel free to share this post or repost any of the information/links from the list below.

P.S. Still time to pre-order from InterVarsity Press or your favorite bookstore.

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Publisher’s Page

INTERVARSITY PRESS. The InterVarsity Press publisher’s page for Chuck DeGroat’s book, When Narcissism Comes To Church, posts solicited Endorsement Reviews only — no reader reviews. This page also includes an overview, table of contents, author bio, link to excerpt, and downloadable flyer.

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Book Stores

AMAZON. Reader reviews on Amazon are only posted starting the official release date (March 17, 2020). Many launch team members are already set to post their review then.

BARNES AND NOBLE. Already includes Endorsement Reviews. Reader reviews at Barnes and Noble are only posted starting the official release date (March 17, 2020).

CHRISTIAN BOOK DOT COM. Reader reviews on ChristianBook dot com are already available for Chuck’s book.

GOODREADS. Reader reviews on Goodreads are already available for When Narcissism Comes To Church.

HEARTS AND MINDS BOOKS. Review by Byron Borger, Hearts and Minds Books owner (March 7, 2020). See fifth review in the post. You can also order your book copies from their site.

INDIE BOUND. There is no reader review section on Indie Bound, but you can pre-order the book there, or search their site for local independent bookstores. 

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Reader Reviews

This section is for links to blog posts of people’s reviews that aren’t found elsewhere, especially if they are longer than what fit on book sites. (Some of them limit the number of characters, as I found out last time I was on a launch team, and had to edit down some of mine to fit.) So, these readers may have other or shorter versions on Goodreads, Amazon, or elsewhere.

LIVE LIKE IT MATTERS. When Narcissism Comes To Church: A Book Review, by Marie Griffith (March 13, 2020).

DEEPLY BELOVED. Book Review: When Narcissism Comes To Church, by Dale Gish (March 15, 2020).

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