Futuristguy Blog Indexing Update

I’ve had an invisible backlog of administrative indexing and archiving work to do on this blog, with the more than 500 articles I’ve posted here. I’ve wanted to get the materials on abuse, recovery, and advocacy reorganized so their content is more clearly described and they are more accessible. So: write descriptions, create a better categorizing system. Not exactly dazzling duties, but work that makes for better navigation for readers to find what they need.

Anyway, in the last few days, I’ve finally gotten all of my most recent Futuristguy blog posts, case studies, and resource websites on systemic abuse indexed, with short descriptions and links to help make searches easier to find topics of interest. I still have some updates to add, with articles I posted from 2015-2017. This all represents nearly 15 years of research writing on related topics. But this is much, much better. For details, check out the expanded table of contents on the “Read This First” page.

For readers who are abuse survivors, advocates, and church/ministry leaders, Index #7 on Abuse Case Studies: Individuals and Institutions, Destructive and (Re)Constructive will likely be of special interest. It brings together all on one page the descriptions plus links to ALL CASE STUDIES I’ve written about, since 2008. There are currently around 50 situations listed (some used as examples in more than one category). They span the range of theological streams, ways of organizing church authority (polity), structural format (centralized or decentralized), and views on gender and parity in ministry. This comprehensive listing includes situations involving individuals and institutions, and whether their actions were destructive/toxic or constructive/healthy. Some of the case studies are presented in contrasting sets of positive/negative impact, some are do-it-yourself learn-and-discern format. When you explore the source documents I link to, you’ll find some of the cases are short, while others are the length of a medium sized book (45,000 to 60,000 words).

I believe this is one of most important resources I’ve compiled. I find that survivors, advocates, and church/ministry leaders regularly ask about specific situations of toxic leaders/systems, or examples of “best practices” in dealing with forms of abuse. This should prove helpful, having so many cases profiled all in one place, categorized and described and linked.

Glad to be this far along in the revamping project, which I’ve been formulating for months. Hopefully, this will up the usability of the *futuristguy* site.

Meanwhile, I’m coming up on my 17th blogaversary. I started April Fool’s Day of 2003. Seemed metaphorically appropriate, so I went with it. Thanks to Andrew Jones and Shannon Hopkins and Jessica Stricker, who were among those who encouraged and/or pestered me to get blogging!