Warrior-Wear Series #1 — I’m Blogging This: Hot Tamales Peeps

MONDAY, MARCH 30. So to keep myself occupied yesterday and today, I did clothes sorting and laundry. Four. Loads. Sorted stuff in an entire dresser for what to keep, recycle, discard.

Look what I found–this most excellent shirt! And see what muh peeps sent me from Texas via USPS today! (I hear these are a Kroeger’s exclusive — so I’m stoked!)

More Warrior-Wear Message Shirts another time. Meanwhile, hunker down, carry on, stay safe all y’all.

TUESDAY, MARCH 31. And for all those Inquiring Minds who were curious and wanted to know … this was a two-pack of packages of Hot Tamales Peeps, with two boxes of Peeps in each package, a row of five Peeps in each box.

And what were they like: Sweet? Spicy? Spicy hot? Fire-alarm-get-the-fire-extinguisher hot?

Just a bit of “zip.” Kind of like a mild to medium pepper jelly. Sweet, tangy, and an oh-so-nice little bit of hot tamale!

Of course, sometimes spicy stuff builds up as one continues indulging. Although I might try that under other circumstances, I’d rather stretch these out and enjoy them for longer!

Hmm … stretch them out. That could work. Literally. But I’ll stick with metapeephorically.