Redeeming Power / Diane Langberg–Details & Launch Team Application

Today I applied for the launch team of the forthcoming book from Dr. Diane Langberg, Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church (Brazos Press; 2020). It is available for pre-order and the release date is scheduled for October 20th. See the publisher’s webpage for details about the book and links:

  • Overview.
  • Contents.
  • Dr. Langberg’s bio,
  • Endorsement.
  • Downloadable excerpt.
  • Source options for book pre-order/purchase.

Dr. Langberg is well known among abuse survivor communities for her work globally on complex situations of trauma, resilience, and recovery. Her quotes and comments are frequently reposted/retweeted on social media. This is sure to be a significant book for survivors of abuse/violence — whether involving gender, race, religion/spiritual authorities, and/or social institutions–as well as for survivor advocates and advocates.

One of her primary target audiences includes pastors, other kinds of ministers, and church/denomination leaders. This book will fill a crucial need they have for understanding systems, systemic abuse and how to challenge it, and what this has to do with dynamics of power and how to bring redemption to situations where power has been abused.

If you are interested in being considered to participate on the publisher’s launch team for Redeeming Power, this link goes to the application. The launch team runs from September 21 to October 30. You’ll need to pre-order the book in order to apply for the launch team.

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