Redeeming Power / Diane Langberg–Overview Video

I feel privileged to serve on Dr. Langberg’s launch team for Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church (Brazos Press; 2020). It is available for pre-order and the release date is scheduled for October 20th. I believe this book is certain to become a standard resource for vital, Christlike ministry to survivors of all forms of abuse, violence, and oppression. Watch for more videos, excerpts, and reviews on #redeemingpower

Meanwhile, check out this brief video by Dr. Langberg. In just over a minute, she eloquently summarizes themes and purposes of her book, distilled from 47 years serving survivors of abuse, violence, genocide, trafficking. It captures the book’s essence, plus her unique voice of Christlike advocacy for the vulnerable as presented in the Prelude section of her book.

See the Brazos Press publisher’s webpage for details about Redeeming Power, plus links:

  • Overview.
  • Contents.
  • Dr. Langberg’s bio.
  • Endorsements from people representing a wide range of theological, professional, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Downloadable excerpt of the Prelude and Chapter 1 on “The Source and Purpose of Power.”
  • Source options for book pre-order/purchase.

You can follow Dr. Langberg on Twitter.

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