Forthcoming Review: Posting Peace, by Doug Bursch

I am on Doug Bursch’s launch team for his book, Posting Peace: Why Social Media Divides Us and What We Can Do About It. The release date is Tuesday, April 20th. I will post a full review later, but for now will note that I am finding Doug has an easy-to-read style on tough-to-consider topics about what it means to be peacemakers in a polarizing era. Doug’s writing is clear, insightful, and marbled with humor–just like his tweets on his “Fairly Spiritual” Twitter account.

Pre-order now to get it early on after it releases. You’ll find links and resources at the InterVarsity webpage.

The InterVarsity Press publisher’s webpage.

Downloadable excerpt of Chapter 1.

Posting Peace Study Guide PDF.

Doug Bursch’s @fairlyspiritual Twitter handle and #PostingPeace hashtag.