Looking for Feedback on Readability of this Article Format

I’d appreciate your feedback on the readability of the format for the article below, my Pyramid of Abuse and Scale of Accountability. I have been plugging away at developing a template to use for PDF print articles from some of my blog posts. I like what I’ve come up with overall, but also know there are some goobers in it and that it would benefit from reader feedback. For instance:

Do you find the format easy to read?

Do the typefaces in the main text feel like they match with one another?

Is there enough spacing between lines, and enough (or too much) white space between sections and around graphics?

Are different levels of subheads easily identified?

Are the colors a help or a distraction?

Those are the kinds of reactions that will help me get my template in better shape.

Once I’ve adjusted the format for better readability, I hope to post a series of printable articles from some of my major blog pieces.

Here is the prototype article. Thanks in advance for taking a look at it and offering your opinions!


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