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I’ve been teaching myself Adobe InDesign, to develop templates for: (1) PDF articles drawn from ~20 years of blog posts and (2) my forthcoming Field Guides on identifying/dealing with abuse and developing safer organizations/collaborations.

If all goes to plan, I’ll post articles periodically, on deconstructing issues of toxic individual and institutions, and on constructive building of intercultural, missional ministries.

Many of these articles represent first drafts of the more developed content in my Field Guides. Also, the article format is still in process, and my work on graphics is still clunky. Still, I hope you’ll find these pieces from the Futuristguy archives helpful.

JULY 28, 2021. For the inaugural PDF, I’m posting my “Pyramid of Abuse and Scale of Accountability.” This particular article has probably been the most often referenced piece I’ve produced. It’s based on my having found myself in five major situations of spiritual abuse in churches, parachurch ministries, and Christian non-profits. These totaled about 20 years out of the last 50 since I became a born-again Christian. It’s gone through several updates, and I’ve edited it slightly for this PDF.

I plan to expand upon the material here in my forthcoming Futuristguy’s Field Guide #1 (no date set yet). That will likely include descriptions of those five experiences, and what it was like being in almost all of these various pyramid roles. I will detail some of the accountability issues and long-term negative consequences that were experienced by the main abusers of their positions of power, and show how pyramids of several organizations connect to form larger platforms and “industrial complexes.” And I’ll recommend movies and other media I consider key “practice sessions” for readers to identify malignant people and toxic systems in their situations.

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AUGUST 28, 2021. Readers on Twitter have indicated interest in issues of institutional dynamics and what constitutes an “industrial complex.” So, I put together sections from three source articles and one case study for this article on Toxic Institutional Dynamics. Contents include:

  • Describing Systems and Systemic Abuse
  • Seven Elements in Social/Organizational Systems
  • Devolving from an Open System to a Closed Industrial Complex
  • Mutually-Benefiting Platforms and Pushback by Those Victimized
  • Focusing in on Five Platform Element Clusters in an Industrial Complex
  • An Example of My Process for Detecting the Pieces
  • Sources for this Article [links to earlier posted versions]

Toxic Institutional Dynamics (c) 2021 Brad Sargent v8

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