For Such A Time As This Rally 2020

FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS VIRTUAL RALLY 2020. For 20 years I’ve watched to see what SBC individuals and institutions would do in dealing with issues of systemic abuse. I’ve posted what research I could, sounded the alarm when I felt I should.

SBC systems, leaders, and stewards demonstrate evidence of extensive and historic corrosion by power and complacency about all forms of abuse. Specific situations have been documented for decades by abuse survivors, and the extent of it was also exposed in 2019 by the #AbuseOfFaith series by the Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express investigative reporting team.

Before the #SBC19 annual meeting, I concluded the SBC had only a year left–through June 2020 and #SBC20–to prove any substantive movement institutionally on #SBCToo and abuse. Despite a few steps forward, it did double steps backward. In light of this, I am asking these question:

* Is this the SBC’s “Ichabod moment”?

* Has any glory that was there departed because of refusal to minister to the needs of a large segment of church and community who’ve been traumatized by sexual abuse (1 in 3 women, 1 in 4 men)?

* After decades of systemic complacency *institutionally* about abuse — regardless of what individuals and particular churches do — why should we trust SBC entities purportedly doing anything about it from here on out?

* What must they do to prove genuine repentance and change on their long-standing abuse situation?

For research documentation, analysis, and resource links, see SBC Abuse Solutions website.


Meanwhile, as an encouragement in the midst of what may seem like immovable odds …

Each of us can contribute something important to the larger picture of being an abuse survivor, advocate, or activist; a trauma-informed counselor, minister, or organizational developer — whether it’s providing pieces of the puzzle, sharing peace in the struggles, even getting pizzas for the huddles! Let’s learn, transform, serve.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

For my most recent reflections on the SBC and abuse, see this thread on Twitter.



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The Hunger Games Prequel–The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes–Release Date: May 19, 2020

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes – screenshot of Scholastic Press product page


It’s been 10 years since the release of Mockingjay completed The Hunger Games series. As a student of malignant leaders and toxic organizations, I was engrossed by the insightful ways author Suzanne Collins wove truths about social control and trauma throughout the narratives.

Her series gives us a rich source to mine on abuse, resistance, and resilience. I posted an analysis of how those features fit with Robert Jay Lifton’s eight criteria for identifying a “cult” of “totalist psychology” control. This series includes discussion questions for abuse survivors, people in their support network, and organizational developers. My hope is these questions will help build bridges among these audiences.

I also developed a Hunger Games reference fansite for the book and film series. Check it out for links to sources for the books, audiobooks, movies, games, and related materials for study. What have been social impacts of the series? Do you think some fan items may have contributed to over-the-top Capitol-type consumerism?

And now, a prequel novel will be released on Tuesday, May 19th. We can at last return to the nation of Panem, this time to the roots of Districts’ rebellion and The Hunger Games, and the origin story of Panem’s eventual president, Coriolanus Snow. What The Hunger Games did for us in exploring the range of social control tactics, perhaps the prequel(s) will do for us in displaying the route someone takes to complete the searing of their conscience in choosing the pathology of power. Continue reading

Pandemics, Part 1. A Dual Focus for Preparedness: Survivability and Sustainability.

Battle-waging is about survivability; peace-building is about sustainability.

As we shift from dealing with the current Covid-19 pandemic into a longer-term endemic situation, we face a crucial issue in leadership approaches: We need two leadership types simultaneously—crisis management that battles for survivability plus continuity planning that builds for sustainability.

For our society to make the best of it and succeed in both sets of endeavors, we need perspectives from the diverse range of domains affected, and interdisciplinary work teams to develop integrated response practices and preparedness plans.

These teams must collaborate, not compete. Otherwise, we will lose on both fronts if we battle against science and/or each other instead of against this virus, and if we fail to build strategically for our most preferable futures.

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Earth Day 50 — and a 2020 Tribute to Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Historian and university professor Helen Haste has said:

In the long run, what counts is how the next generation thinks. How far new ideas permeate culture is not measured just by attitude change during one generation, but by what is taken for granted in the next.

~ Helen Haste, The Sexual Metaphor: Men, Women, and the Thinking that Makes the Difference (Harvard University Press, 1994), page 149.

We find ourselves today at Earth Day 50. How does what Dr. Haste said over 25 years ago apply to where we find ourselves today, in terms of ecological awareness? Continue reading

Running for Judge #1 — New Series to Read/Review Tim Fall’s Book

Running for Judge: Campaigning on the Trail of Despair, Deliverance, and Overwhelming Success, by Tim Fall (2020; Resource Publications). Link to publisher’s webpage.

As of April 4, 2020, there is still a limited time 40% discount if you order the print book directly from the publisher (use the code JUDGE40 at checkout). The eBook edition in still under production, and an audiobook edition — read by Tim Fall himself — is forthcoming.

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Today Marks My 17th Blogiversary!

Who knows how to spell this — blogiversary, or blogaversary? Regardless, I’m blogging this!

Yes, I started my blog on April Fool’s Day, in 2003. So now I’ve been blogging for 17 years.

Futuristguy has been my main blog since 2007. But I’ve posted numerous other blogs — some that I still update, some that are archived, some (all of my Inknoise sites) that got digitally decimated by black hat hackers. If you’re interested in seeing what’s what, here are the lists and descriptions of my content blogs and media/fansite blogs.

I’ve always liked multiple forms of media, from games to comics and music and movies and more, so those have been important ways for me to collect, engage with, and learn from things other than books. So expect to see another media-related site or two to come, and more filling in of gaps when time and energy let me get photos or scans and write descriptions.

Anyway, early this morning, to celebrate the day, I reread my previous posts about blogiversary milestones. Here is the list of them in order, along with some quotes that struck me as intriguing, and my commentary on what I’m rereading about my blogging history.

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Warrior-Wear Series #1 — I’m Blogging This: Hot Tamales Peeps

MONDAY, MARCH 30. So to keep myself occupied yesterday and today, I did clothes sorting and laundry. Four. Loads. Sorted stuff in an entire dresser for what to keep, recycle, discard.

Look what I found–this most excellent shirt! And see what muh peeps sent me from Texas via USPS today! (I hear these are a Kroeger’s exclusive — so I’m stoked!)

More Warrior-Wear Message Shirts another time. Meanwhile, hunker down, carry on, stay safe all y’all.

TUESDAY, MARCH 31. And for all those Inquiring Minds who were curious and wanted to know … this was a two-pack of packages of Hot Tamales Peeps, with two boxes of Peeps in each package, a row of five Peeps in each box.

And what were they like: Sweet? Spicy? Spicy hot? Fire-alarm-get-the-fire-extinguisher hot?

Just a bit of “zip.” Kind of like a mild to medium pepper jelly. Sweet, tangy, and an oh-so-nice little bit of hot tamale!

Of course, sometimes spicy stuff builds up as one continues indulging. Although I might try that under other circumstances, I’d rather stretch these out and enjoy them for longer!

Hmm … stretch them out. That could work. Literally. But I’ll stick with metapeephorically.