World AIDS Day and Remembering Dr. Lalia Phipps Boone

Today is a significant day of remembrance for me. December 1st is World AIDS Day, which was set in place to encourage awareness of HIV/AIDS and those who are infected or affected by it. December 1, 1990, I attended a Christian conference on HIV/AIDS ministry, and that was part of what confirmed my “calling” to spend as much time as I could over the next seven years, writing and editing resource materials for HIV ministries and churches.

December 1, 1990, was also the day that Lalia Phipps Boone – my mentor in editing – passed away at age 83. Without her influence, I likely wouldn’t have become a writer of HIV ministry resources or much of anything else. So, I want to honor her memory today by telling you a little about her and how my connection with her changed the entire course of my life … and perhaps therefore the course of yours. Continue reading