Becky Garrison on “Fashion for Change” and “Ancient Future Disciples”

Today is the traditional day set aside in Western liturgies to celebrate the visit of the wise men to the baby Jesus. Over the years, it has become my second most favorite holiday, right after Easter weekend. Anyway, I set aside part of this day for reflection, prayer, and writing. One of the things I decided to do was to share a bit about Becky Garrison, a friend of mine who brings gifts of advocacy, insight, and challenge to disciples, ministries, churches, and movements. And lo and behold, she does so with both seriousness and satire!

Becky and I connected through that missional mogul, TallSkinnyKiwi (also known as Andrew Jones, who happens to be one of the instigators of my entry into blogging nearly 10 years ago). We’ve been in touch for a few years now, with lots of emails and a few in-person visits to round out the virtual relating. Continue reading


Sweet Notions Already Shows What Future Mission and Ministry Will Look Like

Summary: This post profiles Sweet Notions, the most recent social enterprise start-up element in the Matryoshka Haus international network. I see this decentralized network as a forerunner in missional ministries and Kingdom enterprises. With nearly a decade track record to its credit, Matryoshka Haus continues to develop organically with components of contextual discipleship, creative collaboration, micro-businesses, and social transformation movements.

Sweet Notions “rethinks * restores * and reclaims” through sales of donated fashion accessories. It also sponsors Design Camps – a safe environment for empowering women by training them in marketable skills to “upcycle” accessories. Sweet Notions is definitely an ongoing case study to watch, if you want to see more than glimpses now of what holistic mission and ministry will look like later.

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