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01 Futuristguy Blogs and Social Media


I regularly add material to these online sites.

Futuristguy. Research and development blog on reconstructing your paradigm, and participating in social and spiritual transformation. Posting from September 2007 – present.

Futuristguy’s Field Guides. Resources for designing holistic social transformation with a systems approach that uses an integrative paradigm, interdisciplinary processes, and intercultural partnerships. Posting from approximately June 2016 – present.

Twitter [@futuristguy]. Linguist, futurist, culturologist, organizational ecologist. Abuse survivor; research writer: toxic systems & social transformation since 2007. Like/RT≠endorse. Joined November 2008.

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I rarely add to or update these online sites.

LinkedIn. Specialties: Analyze paradigms, innovate or improve systems, amplify the creativity of others, and challenge toxic organizational practices. Background: Since 1995, I have done original research and development work to create an integrated training system on culture and context for sustainable organizations. This multiple-media system uses concept frameworks, practical illustrations, visual aids, assessment tools, immersion learning exercises, simulation games, case studies, and film studies. It also includes mathematical modeling as a base for evaluating “cultural distance” between the paradigms of individuals or groups and a new cultural context they are entering, predicting specific points of initial culture shock and ongoing levels of cross-cultural stress, and simulating various trajectories for social transformation. First module in the system due for release in late 2017. Joined September 2007.

Opal Design Systems. Resources for designing holistic social transformation with a systems perspective, intercultural paradigm, and interdisciplinary processes. Posting from December 2011 – June 2019, archiving material from 2011 through 2016.

Systemic Abuse Researcher Notes. Technical information, research methods, and resources for abuse survivors, advocates, organizational developers, and social activists on dealing with malignant individuals and toxic institutions. The intent is to provide links to various resources, including official U.S. government sources, survivor websites, and non-profit/agency websites. Major categories include:






Here is the link for an all-in-one Table of Contents page, with page titles and links at the top and an expanded contents listing of category, page, and sections at the bottom. Posting from January 2018 – February 2018.

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I began blogging on April 1, 2003 — yes, April Fool’s Day. It seemed appropriate at the time, since my first blog was about human foibles, among other things. The following blogs are no longer online, or are inactive. Inknoise was hacked and eventually it completely shut down and all blogs vanished. Much of their material has been transferred to my main blog — futuristguy.

BeyondPostHuman (Blogspot). Posting from April 2003 – April 2004.

BeyondPostHuman (Inknoise). Posting from April 2004 – approximately December 2006.

Cruxable (Inknoise). Posting approximately 2004-2006. Original description: Many Christian disciples lack any background on how to put together theoretical systems — each of which naturally leads to a unique set of theologies and methodologies. Without a critical knowledge of how to construct theories, we will never know why the ministry methods used work or don’t work, nor why they start working or stop. But if we allow the flames of cruxable discussions to remove our slag, we can be refined in our theoretical perspectives, and better understand the superstructures we build on the theories we construct.

Futuristguy2 (WordPress). Research and development blog on social and spiritual transformation in the second decade of the digital/media millennium. Posting from December 2010 – January 2012.

MultiMemia (Inknoise). MulitMemia was a brief journal-type record of my initial self-studies in multiple media. It shared some of the historical development of two parts in my Opal Systems: (1) a series of personal discovery and assessment tools, and (2) the Opal Pyramid system for three-dimensional modeling of cross-cultural distances and intercultural connections. Before Inknoise vaporized as a hosting site, I had compiled MultiMemia posts. They are available on this MultiMemia Blog Archive, as a subpage under the 02-INDEX Futuristguy Media Blogs and Case Studies page. This material is dated, but does represent another part of the time capsule that is “futuristguy.” Posting from April 2004.

Opallios (WordPress). A way to see a change of color. A closed “Missional Futures Study Group,” held from January 2009 through December 2010. A study group on personhood, cultures, futures, and ministry systems with Brad Sargent/futuristguy. Posting from January 2009 – December 2010.

Radoxodar (WordPress). Futuristguy looks backwards and forwards. Posting from September 2008 – January 2009.

Randomocities (Inknoise). Posting April 2004 – October 2006. Here I nestle / whatever thots / randomly wrestle / from whatever I’ve got.

SuperHero Sidekick (WordPress). Another futuristguy blog, this one on: Spiritual Entrepreneurship and Adventures in the Quadruple Bottom Line. Posting from September 2009 – January 2010. Archived January 2012.

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