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My futuristguy blog houses a lot of material that shows the history leading up to the books in the Opal Design Systems curriculum. This has been a long-term project to organize 20 years of research and writing on church, culture, and healthy systems into a manageable amount and an accessible format for people with different learning styles. As you might imagine, it has morphed over the years.

The most current outlines can be found here, in the sub-pages under this Opal Design Systems Files page. (See the expanded outline below.)

The version before that can be found in the home page of Opal Design Systems [old] and its sub-pages.

For an overview of the initial version, see the page on Cultural Curriculum Project. It has sections on the background of the project, curriculum components, milestones, and possibilities I thought might come to pass after the curriculum got finished.

1 Opal Design Intro

  • About Opal Design Systems
  • What Makes These Resources Unique?
  • About the Developer

2 About Opal R&D

The Birth of “Opal Design Systems”

Why the Opal?

  • Gems of Observation
  • Diamonds,Opals , and Some Intriguing Differences
  • And … Some “So What’s” of the Differences

3 Opal Connection Zone

  • The Opal Connection Zone ~ Core Elements List of 30 Concepts and 15 Skills
  • The Opal Connection Zone ~ Building the Big Picture
  • Humanity in The Opal Zone: Introducing Eight Human Universals That Frame Our Stories
  • Embracing Humanity: Key Tools and Skills
  • Individuality in The Opal Zone: Introducing Formation, Integration, and Maturation
  • Embracing Individuality: Key Tools and Skills
  • Community in The Opal Zone: Introducing Two Concept Clusters that Affect Our Connecting
  • Embracing Community: Key Tools and Skills
  • Organizationality in The Opal Zone: Introducing Three Concept Clusters that Affect Our Ministry Systems
  • Embracing Organizationality: Key Tools and Skills
  • Introduction to Culturology, Ecology, and Futurology Skills
  • Culturology in The Opal Zone: Introducing How Processes and People Alter Our Stories
  • Embracing Culturology: Key Tools and Skills
  • Ecology in The Opal Zone: Introducing Viability, Reproducibility, and Flexibility
  • Embracing Ecology: Key Tools and Skills
  • Futurology in The Opal Zone: Introducing Strategic Foresight for a Constructive Kingdom Trajectory
  • Embracing Futurology: Key Tools and Skills

4 The Underlying Theory

Theory Behind Opal Design Systems

Opal Systems Technical Overview

  • Introduction
  • Components
  • Scope
  • Sources
  • Paradigm Elements
  • Implications

Fractals and the “Espresso of the Thing”

  • Espresso as a Coffee Fractal
  • Tea-Tasting and Fractals

Opal Design Systems ~ The Theoretical Model

  • Five Components of The Opal Design Systems

Opal Pyramid (“Cultural GPS”)

Opal Profiles (Assessment Tools)

Opal Design Systems Training Curriculum

Opal Encounters, Immersions, and Expeditions

5 Opal Design Pre-Training: Collaboration, Culture, & Creativity

Outline forthcoming.

6 Opal Design Training Course #1

Overview of Course #1 – Safe Houses for God’s People

Course #1: Safe Houses for God’s People ~ Confronting Abusive Leaders, Malignant Ministries,

Topics in Course #1

  1. Introduction and My Own Experiences
  2. For survivors of spiritual abuse.
  3. For everyday disciples.
  4. For leadership teams.
  5. For the congregation.
  6. For the larger Christian “eco-system.”
  7. For the Kingdom – salt and light in the world.

Final Integrative Exercise

What Makes This Training Course on “Malignant Ministry” Unique?

  • For Survivors of Spiritual Abuse, and Their Personal Support Network
  • For Organizational Designers and Developers

7 Opal Design Training Course #2

Overview of Course #2 ~ Opal Design for Robust Ministries

Topics in Course #2

  • Theologically Missional ~ The “Why” of Opal Design
  • Culturally Contextual ~ The “Where and When” of Opal Design
  • Personally Intercultural ~ The “Who” of Opal Design
  • Socially Transformation ~ The “What” of Opal Design
  • Relationally Safe, Methodologically Holistic, Generationally Sustainable ~ The “How” of Opal Design
  • Final Immersion Learning Experience

8 Opal Design Missional Metrics Suite

Overview of Missional Metrics Resource Suite

Basic Outline of Missional Metrics


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