Survivor Blogging Trends 2017: Part Three – Positive Trends in Survivor Blog Communities

Survivor Blogging Trends 2017 Part Three: Positive Trends in Survivor Blog Communities NOTE: This series was originally designed to be three posts, with this one being on positive trends and continuing challenges in survivor blog communities. However, I am splitting this into two posts so they are shorter, and the series will conclude with a … Continue reading

Survivor Blogging Trends 2017: Part One – Past Articles (2012-2016) on Trends in Spiritual Abuse Survivor Communities

Survivor Blogging Trends 2017 Part One: Past Articles (2012-2016) on Trends in Spiritual Abuse Survivor Communities Introduction I have been blogging since 2003, and in 2007 I began addressing surviving spiritual abuse – mostly from the perspective of investigative research writing on malignant leadership and toxic systems. I’ve written a dozen or so case studies … Continue reading

Training Series Progress Update: Halfway Done with Final Draft of Chapters in Field Guide #1

This morning I finished the final draft of Chapter 8. Who Plays What Roles in a Fully Developed System That Benefits the Few and Takes Advantage of the Many? This is in Futuristguy’s Field Guide #1, which deals with systems and systemic abuse. This marks the halfway point in finalizing the chapters in that volume. … Continue reading

1 Responsibility for Spiritual Abuse (Compilation of Posts)

NOTE: An updated 2018 version of the “Pyramid of Responsibility” section on this page has been posted at Futuristguy’s Systemic Abuse Researcher Notes as page 3-03 Pyramid of Abuse and Culpability/Complicity. I have kept the original 2014 version in this page for historical reasons. Updated versions of the material in this entire thread will appear … Continue reading

RICO Lawsuit Filed Against Former Mars Hill Church Leaders and Alleged Co-Conspirators

Earlier today, Warren Throckmorton posted RICO Lawsuit Filed Against Former Leaders of Mars Hill Church. You can find a PDF of the 42-page complaint at this link. Filed by Brian and Connie Jacobsen, and Ryan and Arica Kildea, it names Mark Driscoll and John Sutton Turner, along with other alleged co-conspirators. This RICO lawsuit against … Continue reading

Project Update ~ 15 Indicators for Discerning Robust versus Hazardous Systems: Who and What Deserves Our Trust?

Recently, I edited a friend’s medical research grant. It seeks funding for a follow-up study on a major public health issue in America. The research focuses on identifying specific biological indicators of a particular disease, and figuring out the mechanisms of how the interaction of body and “biomarkers” works. The core idea is that if … Continue reading

Spiritual Abuse Survivor Communities ~ 10 Trend Projections and Predictions for 2016-2020

Since 2008, I’ve been writing about different dynamics in the abuse of power, especially in religious institutions. Every year or so since 2012, I’ve taken some time out to note what I see as possible trends within spiritual abuse survivor communities. (I use communities – plural – because there are theological, denominational, and cultural differences … Continue reading

Set-Ups for Being Picked Off by Authoritarian Leaders – Part 1: Susceptibilities to Seduction by Those with No Conscience

Update, April 2019: Adding This Post to Abuse Case Studies List Issues regarding abuse of spiritual authority regularly arise regarding Douglas Wilson of Moscow, Idaho. I lived in Pullman, Washington, and Moscow, Idaho, for a total of 15 years from 1973-1987. (These two university towns are just across the border from one another, less than … Continue reading

07 Related Abuse and Recovery Issues

On This Page: 07-1. Capstone Series 07-2. Deconstructing the Christian Industrial Complex 07-3. Emergent Village/Emergent Movement 07-4. Recovery from Spiritual Abuse 07-5. Responsibility for Spiritual Abuse *     *     *     *     *     *     * 07-1. Capstone Series Synthesizing the “Mars Hill Research Guide” and “Responsibility for Spiritual Abuse” Series – Introducing the Capstone Articles and Case … Continue reading

06 Partnership Problems

On This Page: 06-1. Key Associations and Contractual Partnerships 06-2. Acts29 Network 06-3. Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) 06-4. The Gospel Coalition 06-5. ResultSource, Inc. 06-6. Tyndale House Publishers 06-7. Concluding Thoughts *     *     *     *     *     *     * 06-1. Key Associations and Contractual Partnerships In this section, I will give summary descriptions of … Continue reading