I-8 Abuse Research: Legal, Media, Ministry, Organizational


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08 Legal, Media, Ministry, and

Organizational Research on Abuse


NOTE: In early 2018, I updated much of the research material I gathered on laws, organizational systems, non-profits, etc., and collected it at Futuristguy’s Systemic Abuse Researcher Notes. For details of what that site covers, see the Table of Contents page. It gives an overview of the main topics and pages, plus a complete list of pages and sections.

Systemic Abuse Researcher Notes. Technical information, research methods, and resources for abuse survivors, advocates, organizational developers, and social activists on dealing with malignant individuals and toxic institutions. The intent is to provide links to various resources, including official U.S. government sources, survivor websites, and non-profit/agency websites.

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Basic Table of Contents

Systemic Abuse Researcher Notes Website

The top of each content page gives a bullet list of the sections on that page. The expanded Table of Contents with pages and their sections appears at the bottom of this page.


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Expanded Table of Contents

Systemic Abuse Researcher Notes Website


1-01 Child Abuse and Neglect, Child Sexual Abuse, Prevention Policies

  • Ethical and Legal Responsibilities to Report Known/Suspected Abuse
  • Introducing Two Main Research Sources for State-by-State Laws on Abuse and Violence
  • Child Welfare Information Gateway
  • RAINN State Law Database
    • Researching Laws and Definitions/Descriptions for a Single State, the District of Columbia, or US Territory
    • State Law Report Generator: Comparing Laws for Multiple Entities on the Same Topics
  • Church Law & Tax: Top 5 Reasons Religious Organizations Go To Court
  • Book Review: The Child Safeguarding Policy Guide, by Boz Tchividjian and Shira Berkovits
  • Related Resources from GRACE and New Growth Press

1-02 Sexual Assault, Violence, and Harassment

  • Statistics on Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Violence
  • World Health Organization (WHO): Global Statistics and Resources
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): US Statistics and Resources
  • Black Women’s Blueprint: American Black Women’s Statistics
  • State-by-State Laws on Abuse and Violence: RAINN and Child Welfare Information Gateway [RAINN includes consent laws]
  • Mangy Jay’s Analysis of Steven Pinker’s Misrepresentation of Rape Statistics in The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence has Declined
  • Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment

1-03 Clergy Sexual Misconduct and Fiduciary Duty

  • Introducing Clergy Sexual Misconduct and Potential Issues of “Fiduciary Duty”
  • Baylor University Website #1: Clergy Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Prevention
  • Baylor University Website #2: Diana R. Garland School of Social Work
  • RAINN State Law Database, Consent Laws, and Criminal Sexual Misconduct by People in Authority
  • Notes from My Initial State-by-State Search of the RAINN State Law Database
  • Adult Victims of Sexual Exploitation by Clergy
  • PASA Partners Against Sexual Abuse — Laws Against Clergy/Counselor Sexual Abuse

1-04 Mandatory Reporters and Abuse Reporting Laws

  • Research Sources for State Laws on Mandatory Reporters and Clergy “Penitent Privilege” (Confidentiality)
  • RAINN State Law Database on Mandatory Reporting and Clergy as Mandatory Reporters
  • Child Welfare Information Gateway on Mandatory Reporting and Clergy as Mandatory Reporters

1-05 Statutes of Limitation on Crimes

  • FindLaw Introduction to State Statutes of Limitations
  • RAINN State Law Database on Criminal Statutes of Limitations
  • Efforts to Change Statutes of Limitations for Child Sex Abuse Crimes

1-06 Confidentiality, Disclosure, Nondisclosure Agreements/NDAs, and Mandatory Arbitration Clauses

  • Confidentiality in Communications
  • Disclosure of Confidential Information
  • Nondisclosure Agreements/NDAs and Mandatory Arbitration Clauses

1-07 False Reports of Sexual Assault and Child Abuse

  • Research on False Reports of Violence and Assault
  • Good-Faith versus Bad-Faith/False Reports of Child Abuse

1-08 Termination of Rapists’ Parental Rights

  • RAINN State Law Database on Termination of Rapists’ Parental Rights

1-09 Emerging Legal and Social Issues for Survivors, Perpetrators, and Enablers

  • Statutes of Limitation (SOL)
  • Formal or Hidden Means of Silencing of Victims
  • Ethics for Public Officials
  • Mandatory Reporting, Child Safeguarding
  • Legal, Social, and Media Consequences for “Enablers” of Abuse, Violence, Harassment
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2-01 Different Thresholds of Evidence: Criminal, Civil, Regulatory, Social

  • Different Situations and Their Thresholds of Evidence: Criminal Cases, Civil Lawsuits, IRS Investigations
  • “Trial” by Social Media and Public Opinion When Situations Involve “Public Figures”
  • Spoliation of Evidence

2-02 Independent vs. Internal Investigations

  • Overview of Key Issues Regarding Investigations into Abuse Accusations
  • GRACE: Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment

2-03 Training/Certification Programs on Dealing with Abuse and Violence

  • GRACE: Child Safeguarding Leader Training Curriculum and Certification Program
  • Global Trauma Recovery Institute, and Websites for Dr. Diane Langberg, Dr. Philip Monroe, and Trauma Healing Institute
  • Other Training/Certification Programs on Dealing with Abuse and Violence

2-04 Citizen Journalists/Bloggers, Limited Public Figures, and The Streisand Effect

  • “Citizen Journalists” and the Digital Media Law Project
  • “Limited Public Figures”
  • The Streisand Effect: “When Trying to Hide Something Makes It More Visible.”
  • Digital Dissent Resources

2-05 Social Media, Digital Dissent, and Dealing with Cyberbullying

  • Information to be added.

2-06 Recording Phone Calls and Conversations

  • Key Questions on Recordings, Consent, and Legal Consequences
  • Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C., Attorneys at Law: Laws on Recording Conversations in All 50 States

2-07 SLAPP/Anti-SLAPP Lawsuits; Defamation, Libel, Slander

  • Strategic Litigation Against Public Participants: SLAPP and Anti-SLAPP Lawsuits
  • Some Key Anti-SLAPP Websites
    • California Anti-SLAPP Project
    • The Public Participation Project (PPP) hosts pages on State Anti-SLAPP Laws
    • First Amendment Project – The Anti-SLAPP Resource Center
  • “Limited Public Figures” and Their Threefold Criteria for Proving Defamation
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3-01 Narcissism, Sociopathology, and Bullying Personality Disorders

  • Out of the FOG Website
  • Some Suggested Resources: Bullies, Leaders, and Enablers with Personality Disorders

3-02 Abuse Conditioning and Cover-Ups

  • Robert Jay Lifton and His Eight Criteria of “Sociological Cults”
  • Frameworks for Thinking Through Victimization Tactics and Resulting Loss of Freedoms
  • Some Suggested Resources for Exploring Survivors’ and Experts’ Views of Conditioning Tactics (Grooming, Mind-Control, Brainwashing, Recovery, “Reprogramming”)

3-03 Pyramid of Abuse and Culpability/Complicity

How Do Abusive Systems Get Going and Maintain Momentum? The “Pyramid of Abuse” Shows Us the Who and the How.

  • Roles at the Top: Perpetrators and Perpetuators
  • Start-Up for a Pyramid of Abuse
  • Roles in the Middle: Procurators
    • Extinguishers: Silencers, Diverters, and Negators
    • Reinforcers: Prompters, Drill Instructors, and Validators
    • Positive Conditioning, Negative Conditioning, and Good Cop/Bad Cap All In One
  • Roles at the Base: Four Types of Pawns
  • Looking at All Four Layers in a Pyramid of Abuse
  • Looking at the Scale of Accountability
  • Addendum: February 13, 2018
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4-01 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG)

  • US Department of Veterans Affairs: National Center for PTSD
  • Some Suggested Resources on PTSD and Recovery

4-02 Writing Our Personal Experiences of Abuse

  • Where Does My Story Fit on the Spectrum of an Individual Account of Abuse to an Institutional Case Study?
  • Basics for Writing About Personal Experiences of Abuse
  • Advanced Tutorial for Writing Personal Accounts of Abuse and Developing Case Studies that Connect Personal Experiences with Systemic Patterns
  • Transitioning from Individual Narratives to Institutional Investigations: Thoughts on Similarities and Differences Found Across Various Forms of Abuse

4-03 Resources for Abuse Survivor Recovery, Support Advocacy, and Social Activism

  • Abuse Recovery Resource Pages/Sites
  • Survivors – Self-Help and Recovery Resources
    • General Resources for Abuse Survivors in Recovery
    • Specific Resources for Spiritual Abuse Recovery
  • General Resources for Abuse Survivors, Support Advocates, and Social Change Activists
    • Futuristguy Tutorials on Topics of Social Transformation
    • Field Guides #3 and #4
  • Collaboration for Personal and Social Transformation
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5-01 Categories of Organizational Forms and Tip-Offs to Corruption

  • Different Kinds of Organizations
  • Tip-Offs to Potential Problems of Corruption
  • Tax-Exempt Organization (EO) – 501(c)3 Non-Profit
  • Non-Profit Governance Policies and Practices
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • For-Profit Businesses: Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations
  • Hybrid For-Benefit Businesses: B Corporations and Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies (L3Cs)
  • Some Types of Trusts
  • State Research Sources for Official Documents and Details

5-02 Prevalent Problems for Non-Profits

  • Introducing Key Legal and IRS Problems for Tax-Exempt Non-Profits
  • Introduction to Non-Profit Issues
  • Church Law & Tax: Top 5 Reasons Religious Organizations Go to Court
  • Articles from Board Source on Top 10 Legal Problems for Non-Profits
  • IRS Requirements for Non-Profit Compliance
  • Inurement (Excessive Benefits)
  • Misuse of Funds, Restricted/Designated Solicited Funds

5-03 Filing Complaints Against Non-Profit Organizations

  • Filing a Complaint/Referral with the IRS Against a Tax-Exempt Non-Profit
    • Some Key Documents and Links
    • Form 13909: Categories of Charges
    • Limitations on Investigations of Churches
    • IRS Review Process and Options
    • Disclosure Prohibition on IRS Examinations
  • Filing a Complaint with a State Agency Against a Tax-Exempt Non-Profit
    • Locating Non-Profit and Business Regulators in Each State
    • A Research Example from Washington State
  • Civil Lawsuits as an Option for Redressing Wrongs

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All materials (c) Brad Sargent except where otherwise noted.